Working with Pasifika Peoples

Online Course

Looking to improve your engagement and outcomes with Pasifika peoples?

MANAWISE GROUP have created Australia's first ever online Pasifika cultures course to enhance, equip and empower you to build effectively with Pasifika communities



Self-Paced Learning

Feel like you don't have time? This short yet insightful course can be done at a time, place and pace that suits you.

Access to Information

Get access to a range of resources to help you build your knowledge basket for engaging with Pasifika peoples.

Practical Outcomes

Gain tips/strategies on how to engage with Pasifika peoples in a  respectful, reciprocal and meaningful way!

Learner Outcomes

By taking this course today, you will be:

•Better at building respectful relationships with Pasifika people and their families
•More effective and efficient in dealing with people from Pasifika cultures
•Better positioned to create positive strategies with and for Pasifika peoples
•Able to better understand and appreciate diverse cultures in everyday life


Online Course Outline

MANAWISE GROUP's "Working with Pasifika Peoples" online course contains 6 weekly modules with at least 5 insightful sub-topics for each ranging from history, data, pronunciation and Pasifika models/frameworks.

Week 1: Introduction to Culture

Week 2: Pasifika Histories

Week 3: Pasifika in Australia

Week 4: Pasifika Cultures, Values & Frameworks

Week 5: Cultural Competence

Week 6: Engagement Approaches & Frameworks

Workshops provide an interactive and dynamic environment to learn and workshop ideas

Access to Facilitators

Gain direct access to facilitators - ask questions and engage in dynamic conversations

Build a Support Network

Workshops provide an opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and build an ongoing community of practice

Workshop Practical Strategies

In the group environment, you will build and design practical solutions & strategies alongside your peers

What's Your Investment?

If you are a teacher who is looking to improve your Pasifika students' academic outcomes, or a social worker who wants to engage with your client's family better; if yours is a government department that wants to run a Pasifika-focused campaign, or a community organisation with a high number of Pasifika clients - a lack of understanding of Pasifika worldviews may already be costing you a great deal.


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